Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Wisdom (Part 1): Week 4, Day 2

Welcome back!  Today we are going to INTERPRET the things that we read yesterday in Proverbs 8:22-36.  Before we begin, read through this section of verses again.

In your notebooks, answer the following:
  1. Read Job 28:26-28 and Proverbs 3:19.  These verses help confirm the pronoun "me" in verse 22.  Who is "me"?
  2. Verses 22-31 go into an account of creation that takes my breath away.  How did wisdom play a roll in creation?
  3. Whenever you see the word "therefore", you need to look back and see what it is there for.  In light of everything that we just read concerning creation and wisdom's roll in creation, what should we do to wisdom?
  4. Relate "listening to wisdom" back to Proverbs 9:10.
  5. Verse 33 gives us a specific command and a specific not-to-do.  Write these down.
  6. Verses 34-36 contrast the person who listens to wisdom to the person who doesn't.  What three things will happen to the person who listens to wisdom?
  7. The phrase "sins against me" in verse 36 can be translated "misses me".  What happens to the person who does not listen to, or who misses, wisdom?
  8. People who hate wisdom love what?
Congratulations!  You have made it to the end of Proverbs 8.  In our last session, we wrote down questions that we had in our notebooks.  Have you received any answers to your questions? What questions do you still have?  Write these down and pray for wisdom!
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