Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Wisdom (Part 1): Week 1, Day 2

Welcome to day two!  Today we are going to INTERPRET the Word of God in its own context, using the Scripture alone.  This is such a vital part of Bible study, because we are letting the Word of God speak for itself.

Read through 1 Kings 3:3-15 slowly, absorbing the words.

Now, read through the passage again, and write the answers to the following questions in your notebook:

  1. What two significant pieces of information about Solomon were given to us in verse 3?
  2. Where did Solomon go in verse 4? Who was he sacrificing to?
  3. What did God ask Solomon in verse 5?
  4. Solomon praised God in verse 6.  What was his specific praise?
  5. The word "yet" in verse 7 shows a contrast.  What is the contrast?
  6. What does Solomon ask God for in verse 9?
  7. In verse 11, God lists three things that Solomon could have asked for instead of discernment and understanding.  List these three things.  Why do you think God chose those three things to list specifically?
  8. In verse 12, did God grant Solomon his request?
  9. Look at the words "so that" in verse 12.  What do they signify?
  10. What else did God grant Solomon, according to verse 13? verse 14?
  11. Where did Solomon go in verse 15? Who was he sacrificing to?
  12. What do you think Solomon was thinking, to make such a contrast in his location and worship?
Tomorrow we will come back for the best part of Bible study - the APPLICATION.  I hope you will think on what we have studied so far, and be prepared to apply it to your life.
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