Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Wisdom (Part 1): Week 5, Day 2

Welcome back to our second day of studying this week.  We are in Proverbs 9 this week.  Before you answer any questions, take the time to read the chapter in its entirety.  Today we are going to INTERPRET the Scriptures.

Now, re-read the passage and answer the following questions in your notebook:
  1. In verses 1-3, wisdom has prepared for something (we'll call it a "party"). She has gotten everything ready.  Notice that all the preparation is in the past tense.  Look at the word "calls" in verse 3.  It is in the present tense.  What does this tell you about the preparation for wisdom's party and the invitation to wisdom's party?
  2. Which two people are invited to wisdom's party?
  3. In verse 6, forsake means: to leave behind, give up, abandon.  Folly means: young, naive person.  What must we do to gain wisdom and "proceed in the way of understanding"?
  4. The definition of scoffer is: someone who jeers or mocks, a disagreeable person, an unpleasant person.  Is it worth the time of a wise person to correct a scoffer?
  5. What two things will happen to the wise man who tries to correct a scoffer?
  6. Compare the scoffer to the wise man.  What three things happen to a wise man who gets reproof, instruction and teaching?
  7. If we are to be wise, what must we be willing to accept?
  8. According to verse 10, what must you have to have wisdom? understanding?
  9. Verse 12 compares the wise man to the scoffer again.  What is the comparison?
  10. Verses 13-18 tell us all about a foolish woman - the opposite of a wise woman.  Go through each of these verses and lit everything the Bible tells us about the foolish woman and the people who choose to follow her.
You made it through!  This is a great passage, and I hope your understanding of it has become more than yesterday.  Wisdom is something that we would be good to have in our lives.  Pray for wisdom, sisters.  Pray for knowledge of the Holy One.  Pray that the Lord guides you in your walk with wisdom.
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