Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Encouragement (Part 1): Week 4, Day 2

Today we are going to INTERPRET the Psalm of David that is recorded in Psalm 27.  Take the time to read through the entire Psalm slowly.

Read through the Psalm again, and write these things down in your notebook:
  1. In verses 1-3, David describes the Lord in 3 ways.  What are they?
  2. What is David facing in his life when he is writing this Psalm?
  3. In verse 3, what is David's confidence in?
  4. In verse 4, what does David ask from the Lord?
  5. In verse 5, the word temple means refuge. What does David consider the temple of God to be?
  6. Do you think David is talking about a literal tent or temple? Look closely at verse 5.  Does that change your answer?
  7. What emotion does David experience in the tent? What does David offer to God?
  8. In verse 8, what did the Lord command David to do? What did David commit to do?
  9. In verses 11 and 12, David asks God for three specific things.  What are they?
  10. What does "level path" mean? Use Psalm 5:8 to help you answer.
  11. David's conclusion is in verses 13 and 14.  Summarize these verses.  Read Psalm 31:19 to see more about the goodness of the Lord.
What does David encourage us to do do in verse 14? Wait for the Lord, and be strong and courageous.  The theme that we started at the beginning of this study on encouragement has carried through this far.  If God says the same thing so many times in the Bible, I think we ought to listen and do what He says!

Our next study will be the APPLICATION piece of this week - my favorite!  See you then!

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  1. Like this! I think I might use it as a part of my group bible study!

    1. Thanks, Betty. I would love to hear how it goes!


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