Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Encouragement (Part 1): Week 1, Day 2

I am so glad you came back for a second day of encouragement! Last time we OBSERVED Deuteronomy 31:7-8 & 23.  Today we are going to INTERPRET that same text.

Read through the verses again, and answer the following questions in your notebook.
  1. In verses 7-8, Moses starts and ends with two commands.  Write these commands in your notebook.
  2. The word "for" answers the question Why.  Why did Moses tell Joshua to be strong and courageous.
  3. Verse 8 tells four things about the Lord.  Write these in your notebook.
  4. Look at verse 23.  Who is talking in this verse?
  5. Coloring the pronouns yellow help to distinguish who is talking.  What did God say about Himself to Joshua?
Aren't you already more encouraged than you were when we got started!  What have you learned about the Lord today?  Perhaps you already knew these things, but what an amazing reminder about the God that we serve.

I am excited to get to the APPLICATION part when we meet again.  That is when we really get to grow in God - we use His Word to live our lives.  I look forward to learning more with you!

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